Ingunn Strand

Feb 20, 2020 | Events, Reference, uncategorized, uncategorized

Creating an event for the employees? Make it memorable!

About me;

Ingunn Strand

Who is Ingunn? A creator, idea machine and organizer in one and the same person. “Memorable experiences” has become my yardstick for quality in my own work.
When I see people meet, exchange ideas and go from an event with stars in their eyes and a clearer direction in business (or life), I feel that I am in the right business.


Blueevents.no AS / Ingunn Strand

After a long period as a leader in the cultural sector (more specifically the international photo festival Nordic Light), I chose to prioritize Blue Events full time, in order to be able to deliver more event ideas – both on my own behalf and for clients.
In recent years, I have thus contributed to, among other things, the development and operation of the tourism destination Valsøya, the completion of closed business collections for businesses and open lecture evenings for learning-hungry urban people.
As an organizer and organizer, I am a creative control freak. It also helps to have a good local contact network, sense of culture and an ability to track and connect good speakers.
Use me at their next leadership meeting, teambuilding tour, or conference. I take care of the whole process from the first planning meeting until everyone is well home. Hope to hear from you!