Elise By Olsen

Feb 19, 2020 | Speakers

Lecture with elise By Olsen

One Sunday in February 2020, I co-created an experience for the people of Ålesund.

Elise By Olsen, born in 1999, had a conversation with Marie Gjære Gundersen.


Young leadership and the way there

We heard her story from the age of 8 and created her own blog, until now when she is a curator and editor at the beginning of 2020.

It all took place in the Overlyssalen at the Jugendstilsenteret & KUBE in the center of Ålesund. As she told, many companies are wondering how to get the younger crowd in as a user of their product. To this she replied that the young people must be included, and the young people are extremely concerned about cooperation. collaboration and inclusion are what are the success criteria for getting young people involved.

Elise By Olsen established her first business at the age of 13; youth culture magazine Recens Paper, which was run by and for young people. As an editor, she led the magazine to gain wide international recognition in the fashion world and referred to as the world’s youngest fashion editor in the press such as The Guardian, Vogue, NRK, Highsnobiety and El Pais. After five years and seven print editions, with over 500 young contributors distributed worldwide, she decided to step down as editor in the fall of 2017, at the age of 18.

Since then, By Olsen has worked with brands and institutions such as Gucci, Google Arts & Culture, Prada, TEDx and the National Museum and established Wallet magazine.

Moderator Marie


Marie Gjære Gundersen works daily as marketing manager of Maritech, a world-leading supplier of software for the seafood industry. She is a graduate economist specializing in marketing, organization and management, and has broad experience from various roles in the IT and communications industry.

What characterizes the best companies, and how can you work in a multidisciplinary way and learn from each other? How do we build a sustainable society and business for the future, rooted in respect, curiosity and hunger for new knowledge? – Young leaders represent a completely different way of thinking than the generations that dominate business today. They are now at full speed into the companies – also as decision makers at the customers – and provide valuable perspectives that we must actively create space to absorb and utilize. I think it will be very important to recognize and enjoy inequalities in the years to come, as well as to build a culture of sharing and trust in every part of the business.