Security Norway

Jun 3, 2019 | Events

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My first event

as self-employed was carried out with a local company, Security Norway, by Robert Glærum, here in Kristiansund and with only local resources.

The theme throughout the day was communication. That was the starting point when I started working on the event.


Security Norway is a company where communication is incredibly important in daily life. All employees have direct contact with a wide range of people. And it is of great importance that they are well equipped to understand other people and that they are good at communicating their tasks to others.

The day started at one of our great hotels on a Saturday morning. There we started with lectures and group work and the theme was communication. We then had a delicious lunch before strolling to a local cafe where we did jigsaw puzzles together. A lot of laughter and good solutions came up here. We got more laughter and movement when we got dance lessons from one of the local dance companies, Anetts Danceteria, in town. The last entry on the program, before dinner, was a gallery round with lectures, at Nordic Light.

Dinner was taken at the same place as the lunch. And it was a great pleasure when Anett’s Danceteria came and had a dance performance for us before dessert. And after dinner we got a local DJ with an international background to give us great music for great movements.

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